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Home Salary Guide: Automotive General Sales Manager Salary Trends [2023]

Salary Guide: Automotive General Sales Manager Salary Trends [2023]

General Sales Manager at a dealership negotiating with customers. A key skill if you want to maximize your automotive general sales manager salary.


In the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, the role of General Sales Managers stands as a pivotal force steering the ship of sales success. As we step into 2023, the automotive sector continues to experience shifts influenced by market demands, technological advancements, and economic factors. For professionals aspiring to or currently occupying the role of Automotive General Sales Manager, understanding the salary landscape is not only crucial for personal career growth but also reflective of the industry's health and prosperity.

In this comprehensive salary guide, we delve into the intricate details of the Automotive General Sales Manager position, exploring the latest salary trends and shedding light on the factors that shape compensation packages in 2023. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking benchmark data or an industry newcomer curious about earning potentials, join us on a journey through the corridors of automotive sales management as we unveil the Salary Guide: Automotive General Sales Manager Salary Trends for the year 2023. Gain insights, make informed decisions, and stay ahead in this vibrant and competitive field.

Average Salary Breakdown:

Yearly Automotive General Sales Manager Salary:

$101,000 - $129,000 / year avg. base salary

Commission / Bonus: $14k - $30,000

Monthly Automotive General Sales Manager Salary

Monthly: $10,200 / month avg. salary

Weekly Automotive General Sales Manager Salary

Weekly: $2,300 / week avg. salary

Hourly Automotive General Sales Manager Salary

Hourly: $62-$63 / per hour

How much does an Automotive General Sales Manager make?

Navigating the complex waters of salary expectations is a crucial aspect of any career, and for Automotive General Sales Managers, it's no exception. As of 2023, the compensation landscape for these professionals reflects the multifaceted nature of their responsibilities and the prevailing economic conditions within the automotive industry.

Base Salary:

The foundation of an Automotive General Sales Manager's compensation typically lies in the base salary. In 2023, the industry has seen a diverse range, influenced by factors such as geographic location, dealership size, and the manager's experience. On average, base salaries for Automotive General Sales Managers are ranging from [provide a range based on your research].

Commission and Bonuses:

Beyond the base salary, commission structures and bonuses play a significant role in enhancing overall earnings. Sales performance, meeting targets, and driving revenue growth are often directly tied to these incentives. Successful managers adept at motivating their sales teams and meeting dealership goals may enjoy substantial additional income, with commission percentages and bonus structures varying across different organizations.

Benefits and Perks:

In addition to monetary compensation, Automotive General Sales Managers often receive a package of benefits and perks. This may include health insurance, retirement plans, company car allowances, and other non-monetary incentives. The comprehensive nature of these packages contributes to the overall attractiveness of the managerial position.

Regional Disparities:

Salary expectations can also vary significantly based on the region or country in which a manager operates. Urban centers with high living costs may offer higher base salaries, while more rural areas might compensate with additional perks or a lower cost of living.

Experience Matters:

Unsurprisingly, a manager's level of experience plays a vital role in determining their earning potential. Seasoned professionals with a proven track record in automotive sales management often command higher salaries and more lucrative bonus structures.

Understanding the nuances of these salary components is essential for both aspiring and existing Automotive General Sales Managers. It empowers professionals to negotiate fair compensation packages, aids in benchmarking against industry standards, and provides insights into the financial rewards associated with excelling in this pivotal role within the automotive sector.

What are The Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Automotive General Sales Manager Jobs?

San Francisco, California:

The Bay Area's thriving economy and high cost of living often translate into competitive salaries for automotive professionals.

New York City, New York:

As a major economic hub, NYC frequently offers lucrative opportunities for Automotive General Sales Managers, in part due to the robust automotive market.

Los Angeles, California:

With a strong presence in the automotive industry, particularly luxury vehicles, Los Angeles is a city where experienced sales managers can command impressive salaries.

Houston, Texas:

Texas, with its vibrant economy and a substantial automotive market, often provides attractive compensation packages for sales managers in the industry.

Chicago, Illinois:

Chicago's central location and status as a major transportation hub contribute to a robust automotive sector, resulting in competitive salaries for sales managers.

Atlanta, Georgia:

As a growing economic center in the Southeast, Atlanta offers opportunities for Automotive General Sales Managers, with salaries reflecting the region's economic vitality.

Seattle, Washington:

The Pacific Northwest, known for its tech industry, also has a robust automotive market, contributing to competitive salaries for sales managers in Seattle.

Denver, Colorado:

The Mile-High City's strong economy and outdoor-oriented lifestyle attract professionals, including those in the automotive sector, with corresponding salary offerings.

Miami, Florida:

Miami's status as an international business hub, combined with a strong automotive presence, often leads to higher compensation for sales managers.

Dallas, Texas:

Like Houston, Dallas benefits from a flourishing economy and a significant automotive market, making it a city where Automotive General Sales Managers can earn competitive salaries.

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Salary Guide: Automotive General Sales Manager Salary Trends [2023]
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