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Home Salary Guide: Dealership Sales Manager Salary Trends [2023]

Salary Guide: Dealership Sales Manager Salary Trends [2023]


In the dynamic landscape of the automotive industry, the role of a Dealership Sales Manager is pivotal, steering the sales team towards success and ensuring the smooth navigation of customers through the purchasing journey. As we step into the promising territory of 2023, it becomes crucial for both aspiring and seasoned professionals in this field to have a clear understanding of the salary landscape.

In this comprehensive salary guide, we delve into the intricate details of Dealership Sales Manager compensation trends, providing valuable insights for those aiming to accelerate their careers or make informed decisions in the hiring process. Join us as we rev up the engines and explore the twists and turns of salary dynamics, shedding light on what the year 2023 has in store for those steering the wheel of dealership sales management. Buckle up for an enlightening journey through the salary trends that will shape the automotive sales landscape this year.

Average Salary Breakdown:

Yearly Dealership Sales Manager Salary:

$107,000 - $152,000 / year avg. base salary

Monthly Dealership Sales Manager Salary

Monthly: $10,792 / month avg. salary

Weekly Dealership Sales Manager Salary

Weekly: $2,698 / week avg. salary

Hourly Dealership Sales Manager Salary

Hourly: $66-$68 / per hour

How much does a Dealership Sales Manager make?

One of the pivotal questions on the minds of both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the realm of dealership sales management is, undoubtedly, the compensation package. In 2023, the salary of a Dealership Sales Manager is influenced by a myriad of factors, ranging from industry demand and geographic location to the individual's experience and the dealership's size and performance.

On average, a Dealership Sales Manager can expect a competitive base salary, often supplemented by performance-based bonuses and incentives. The national average salary for this role in the United States hovers around [insert approximate figure], but it's crucial to note that this figure can fluctuate significantly based on regional variations and market demands.

The earning potential of a Dealership Sales Manager is not solely confined to the base salary; rather, it extends into commissions tied to the sales performance of the dealership. Exceptional leadership and a knack for driving the sales team to exceed targets can lead to substantial additional earnings.

Moreover, factors such as the brand and reputation of the dealership, the types of vehicles sold, and the prevailing economic conditions all play a role in shaping the overall compensation package. In this section, we will dissect these factors, providing a comprehensive overview of what Dealership Sales Managers can anticipate in terms of salary and incentives in 2023. Buckle up as we put the pedal to the metal in our exploration of the financial landscape for those at the helm of dealership sales management.

What are The Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Dealership Sales Manager Jobs?

San Francisco, California: 

Renowned for its high cost of living, San Francisco offers Dealership Sales Managers competitive salaries to match.

$101,000 Average Yearly Salary

New York City, New York: 

The bustling metropolis of NYC provides ample opportunities for experienced Sales Managers, with a salary reflective of the vibrant automotive market.

$101,000 Average Yearly Salary

Houston, Texas: 

Houston's robust economy and large population contribute to a strong demand for automotive sales managers, translating to attractive compensation packages.

$100,682 Average Yearly Salary

Los Angeles, California: 

With a thriving automotive culture, Los Angeles presents lucrative opportunities for Dealership Sales Managers, coupled with the appeal of the Southern California lifestyle.

$146,000 Average Yearly Salary

Seattle, Washington: 

The tech-driven economy of Seattle extends to the automotive sector, resulting in higher-than-average salaries for Dealership Sales Managers.

$144,000 Average Yearly Salary

Atlanta, Georgia: 

A hub for commerce and a burgeoning automotive market, Atlanta offers competitive compensation for sales leadership roles in dealerships.

$128,000 Average Yearly Salary

Denver, Colorado: 

The Mile High City's growing economy and appreciation for the automotive industry contribute to competitive salaries for Sales Managers.

$133,000 Average Yearly Salary

Dallas, Texas: 

In the heart of the automotive-friendly state of Texas, Dallas provides favorable conditions for Dealership Sales Managers, both in terms of salary and job opportunities.

$129,000 Average Yearly Salary

Chicago, Illinois: 

A major transportation hub, Chicago's demand for automotive professionals translates to attractive compensation packages for Sales Managers.

$138,000 Average Yearly Salary

Miami, Florida: 

With a thriving luxury car market and a robust economy, Miami rounds off the list as a city where Dealership Sales Managers can command competitive salaries.

$127,000 Average Yearly Salary

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Salary Guide: Dealership Sales Manager Salary Trends [2023]
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